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The Seed and the Moon

This is a short film I worked on at Nexus Productions for Umpqua Bank with director Kibwe Tavares. I learnt a lot through this project as it was one of my first studio jobs. I started out Data Wrangling which involved sorting and converting thousands of images from the shoot. Then creating a series of extremely high res 360 HDRI’s. After this I became a junior 3d artist on the same job and had a wide range of roles including Layout, Modelling, Texturing, Lighting and even some Grow Fx.

For this shot I modelled and textured a set of buildings and then scattered them throughout the shot to fill the city. All the foreground buildings were mine:

I also modelled and lit all the neon signs from designs I was given and lit the majority of the shot:

This shot was entirely my own, I modelled and textured the alley and laid out some extra assets such as the ladder and aircon. The shot was then handed to a matte painter for the last layer of detail:

For the shots bellow I was responisble for the layout and all the lighting:



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